Jumping: Learning from a simple robot
Drag the slider bar up and down to control the motor.

Press space to pause, b to brake. Built with Processing.js

All units in demo are standard metric mks units (except for small heights, in cm).

Parameters to Try
Parameters Experimental Robot (Default) Human*
Total Mass (kg) 1.1 78
% Rod Mass 5 20
Stiffness (N/m) 5760 28500
Damping (N s/m) 2.7 950
Gravity (m/s2) 2.5 9.8
Size small (4 mm amplitude used in experiment) large (based on leg length)

*Estimate, Li-Qun, Z., Dali, X., Makhsous, M., & Fang, L. (2000). STIFFNESS AND VISCOUS DAMPING OF THE HUMAN LEG. Conference Proceedings Of The Annual Meeting Of The American Society Of Biomechanics, 1.